Thursday, September 30, 2010

non-traditional smores

Several years ago, I stumbled across a non-tradition recipe for smores that I still use to this day.

You see, I have never been a fan of warm, melted marshmallows. Sure, as a kid I loved to cram 3 marshmallows on a stick and wave them around in the campfire, but it stopped there. I simply prefer marshmallow at room temperature.

This non-traditional smore recipe that I use is very simple, and to me, it is the best way to prepare a smore.


• Hershey bars
• Graham crackers
• Marshmallow Creme
• peanut butter


1. Top 1 Graham cracker with the desired amount of peanut butter, chocolate, and Marshmallow Creme.

2. Eat and enjoy.

Picture located in Silverday's Etsy shop.

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