Tuesday, October 26, 2010

candy galore!

NOTICE: This post will intensify your sweet cravings!

Yesterday I visited We ♥ It, and found some amazing photos and ideas, too! If you are looking for some beautiful and colorful ways to decorate your next dessert table then you are going to love these.

Oh, and for fun, I have provided some off-the-cuff captions...

marshmallow twists

Those other round marshmallows are sooo last season.

candy jars

coral cupcakes

So many cupcakes, so little time.

cotton candy

Who cares if it sticks to your face? This stuff is awesome!

colorful sodas

Oh, little sodas. How sweet.

cupcake swirls

Simple, yet beautiful.

marshmallow kabobs

Forget meat and veggies! It's marshmallows, fruit and chocolate for me!

sour worms

These aren't realistic. When will someone produce chocolate worms?


  1. We Heart It is the best! I remember those little sodas from when I was a kid. Ahhhh...the memories!

  2. Dessert Girl -- I remember those sodas too. Can you find them in stores anymore?