Wednesday, January 05, 2011

candy apple salad

On New Year’s Day, my husband and I attended his Aunt’s yearly holiday dinner. This year, the food was AWESOME!

First of all, his aunt opened me up to a whole new world of barbecue sauces. Well, maybe not a new world, but, a new sauce that I had never even heard of… and the sauce is on every grocery store shelf in America. It’s called Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, and it is probably the best I have ever had. I immediately began salivating at the smell of the barbecue, but when I sunk my teeth into the sandwiches… wow! I was in paradise. But, one of my favorite parts of the evening was trying a new dessert that I am now addicted to, and it’s called Candy Apple Salad.

The recipe his aunt made featured apples and Milky Way candy bar chunks mixed in with a creamy cool whip + cream cheese topping with walnuts. I am yet to ask her for the recipe specifics, however, I did find a similar one that I am making for us tonight! Here’s just a little peek… once I try the recipe, I will give you the full report.

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  1. My aunt used to make something similar to this when I was a kid, although there weren't candy bar chunks in it. Sort of like a cross betwen an Ambrosia salad and a Waldorf salad. Yum!