Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Betty Crocker

Dear Betty Crocker,

What's up with your weird preparation instructions?

Today, I bought a box of your Triple Chunk Brownie mix to prepare as a snack for my husband and I. You see, I have been making these brownies for YEARS, but today I noticed that on your box, you completely neglected to tell me the baking time for a 13"x9" dark pan. I was confused.

This explains why my brownies were thin, and after two hours of sitting, were hard as a rock.

You explain how to bake them in a 13"x9" dark pan at a high altitude, but I don't live in an area of high altitude.

Please improve your instructions, otherwise, I will have to pass.


P.S. I want my brownies to look like this:

I found the picture here.

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